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Juho Rissanen


Juho Rissanen (1873-1950) Montigne-France 1911, Oil on Panel. Picture 32x40 cm Frame 47x56 cm. (Does not include VAT, Margin Tax)

Juho Rissanen was born as a son of a vagrant family in the Kemilänmäki district of the town of Kuopio.He started his career as an apprentice decorative painter, but his talent and encouraging teachers and supporters made him one of the most significant artists of the Golden Age of Finnish Art.

He is best known as a portrayer of the Savo people, as a story teller who was able to interpret the hardness of life with humour and warm empathy. Rissanen's works also included public art, frescos and stained glass paintings.He spent most of his life abroad, mainly in France, and the last years in the United States,but as an artist, he never forgot his home country.The soul of the Savo people was always in him as an inseparable part of his personality.

This year, we celebrate the 140th Anniversary of the birth of Juho Rissanen.

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