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Per Stenius


Three indian, 2000. 50x64 cm Oil on Canvas. Price include Droit de suite. (Does not include VAT, Margin Tax)

Per Stenius, Erik Granfelt and Anitra Lucander are respected Finnish 1950`s colouristic. Gustaf Näsström critic once described them as artists, "that use light-colored and fine nuanced color composition, which has its own points of early Cubism and the image of the construction, but also manifest in an emotional way to approach the subject."

He has studied at the Free Art School from 1945 to 1947. He began his career as cubists and has been using a light color scheme. He has been painting landscape subjects, including Lapland, and India.  His works are at the National Gallery, Amos Anderson, and the Saastamoinen Foundation collection, and at Imatra and Joensuu art museums.

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2 - 2 of 5 results