VEISTOS (Sculpture), Kukkapuro/Pyykkö (1959 / 1977)

Yrjö Kukkapuro designed the original prototype chair in 1959. This work of his student times ended up in a junk yard through a friend. In the 1960s, Kimmo Pyykkö, known for his sculpture made of junk metal, found it from the yard and cast it as part of his own piece of work. Now a bas relief of Kimmo Pyykkö with an engraving from the original piece of sculpture has been attached to the chair which is made of solid metal.

Width 55 cm,  depth 67 cm  ja height 75,5 cm

How the new Veistos-chair is made

Because of the special case of the Veistos-chair it is not feasible to start producing it on the basis of the original chair designed by Yrjö Kukkapuro. On the other hand, it would be impossible to produce a chair that resembles closely the sculpture made by Kimmo Pyykkö. Therefore, the final solution is a completely new work of art: a chair made of stainless steel where the wood of the arm-rests is replaced by steel.

The original awning material is replaced by a purpose-made perforated stainless steel plate. The perforation does not go beyond the edges. The chair is produced by Joros Oy from Punkaharju. In the middle of the back-rest there is a steel plate with Kimmon Pyykkö’s signature and a picture of the original piece of sculpture on the front side. On the back side a text in English recounts the story of the chair through the ateliers of Yrjö Kukkapuro and Kimmo Pyykkö into the current new chair. 

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