POHJA, Oiva Kallio (1930)

Oiva Kallio designed the building of the Pohjola Insurance Company in the late 1920s and the building was completed in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki in 1930. With its ribbon-window arrangement, the building was the first business construction in the functionalist style in Scandinavia. The steel furniture designed by Kallio to furnish the customer service areas of the insurance company was inspired by the Bauhaus-style. The Pohja stools made according to the original design are now available for the first time.

Widith 54 , Depth  37  and Height  49 cm


How the new Pohja-stool is made

The new stool follows exactly the original design and specifications made by Oiva Kallio. The designs are stored in Suomen Rakennustaiteen museo to which Oiva Kallio donated all the design documents and materials of his architecture business. Several skills are required to produce the stool. The body is made of an 8mm thick steel plate, cut in one workshop, bent into shape in another and taken to a third one to refine the corners and chrome-plate the steel surface shiny. Next, the stool goes to upholstery master Antero Saarinen in Vallila, Helsinki for the final touch. The seat is made of a cushion strengthened by a veneer base fixed onto the body by screws. The cushion is covered by black cow hide. The finished Pohja-stool looks slender and light despite its weight of 30kg. This weight came as a surprise when producing the first chair as it had not been apparent in Kallio’s drawings. The stool carries a metal plate with Oiva Kallio’s logo: a letter K inside a letter O and his signature.


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