TS1 Table


TS-1 table, Timo Sarpaneva (1970)

During 1970 – 71, Timo Sarpaneva designed a series of tube furniture of which miniature models were prepared on the scale 1/10. The designs never ended in production as Sarpaneva was fully occupied with a large order from Rörstrand. The furniture was also utopistic in terms of its production methods and would have posed a real challenge to the tools used in the 1970s. The strength of the steel tube and the bending curves are a combination that is still very difficult to produce.

How the TS4-chair and the TS1- table are made

To produce this table and chair designed by Timo Sarpaneva turned out to be a challenge. First, Antti Kallio contacted several reputed producers of tube furniture who studied the 3D models made from Sarpaneva’s designs by design student Ronja Mahonen. Most of these potential producers came to the conclusion that the production would not be feasible because of the great difficulties. Eventually, the challenge was taken up by Joros Oy from Punkaharju which mainly produces railing structures for boats while also specializing in the bending work of steel tubes for tube furniture.

The body of the TS4-chair is of stainless polished steel and the seat of veneer and fibreglass upholstered with leather. To produce the required shape of the seat from the veneer a mold is made. Next, the seat is made of several layers of fiberglass. The body of the TS1-table is made of polished stainless steel. The table top is aluminium, painted glossy black. Every chair and table carries a plate with the text Modern Historic 1900 and Sarpaneva’s signature.

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