KILPI chair, Kimmo Kaivanto (1954)

Kimmo Kaivanto, sculptor, painter and graphic designer, designed the Kilpi-chair for his own use in the mid-1950s. Besides the chair, the series included side tables, a standing ash-tray and a candle-holder. The original chair has become lost but Kimmo Kaivanto redesigned the chair for the Modern Historic 1900-collection. At the same time, he reworked the materials used to produce the chair.

Width 82 cm, depth 93 cm, height 95 cm

How the new Kilpi-chair is made

 The body of the Kilpi-chair is made by Joros Oy from Punkaharju of bent stainless steel, painted glossy black. Upholstery master Antero Saarinen from Helsinki finishes the chair with a seat of brown leather. The upholstery is made from two pieces of hide attached to supporting fabric to prevent its stretching. The material is tightened onto the body similarly to the way the sails are tied in a sailing boat. The rope used is coyote-brown Paracord rope made of recycled parachute ropes with a tenacity of 200kg. The Kilpi-chair is made in two versions. In addition to the first glossy black hand-painted chair there will be another chair with a body made of shiny stainless steel and a seat of black leather, also using the black Paracord rope. The chairs carry a steel plate with the text Modern Historic 1900 and the artist’s signature.


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