Fenix Low Table


FENIX table, Björn Weckström (1973)

A sofa and a dining table that Björn Weckström had made for his own home in the 1970s. A few dining tables were manufactured but only one sofa table for the artist’s own use. Both the glass cover and the acrylic table legs made in a heated wooden mold carry the artist’s signature. The table is available in two sizes.

Low Table: height  40 cm,  width  100 cm, length 120 cm

How the new Fenix-table and Fenix-chair are made

Steel and acryl, acryl and glass. The combinations of materials in the furniture designed by Björn Wecktsröm sound doubtful but in fact the materials highlight the best of each other. Already when restarting the production of the Fenix-chair it was decided that the body of the small chair was to be made of 12mm steel tube and the seat of 10mm acryl. Similarly, the Fenix-table was to be identical with the prototype with acrylic legs and a 12mm table-top made of hardened and polished glass.

The wavelike bending legs of the dining table are made by placing a 10mm acrylic plate in a purpose-made wooden or veneer mold which is heated at C180. This method helps the acryl maintain the desired shape perfect and prevents it from thinning at the bends where the masterful use of the problematic acryl is most evident. Normally, acryl is bent so that the part in question is warmed until it gets longer and thinner. Thus the bend is less durable than the one made with the heated wooden mold.  A stamp-like signature of  Björn Weckström is etched on the surface below the glass top. The signature is not prominent but easily visible through the glass.

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