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AINOLA, Jean Sibelius (1909)

Aino and Jean Sibelius moved into Ainola in 1904 and their home is furnished with plenty of furniture designed by the composer. One example is the corner cabinet which the maestro designed for the living room downstairs for Mrs Sibelius to keep her scores in.

Height 128 cm,  width  80 cm, depth 57 cm

How the new Ainola-cabinet is made

The Ainola-cabinet with its three shelves is made of select Finnish pinewood cut into one piece of 6cm for the back and two pieces of 4cm for the sides and the base. The original cabinet was finished with a layer of varnish which has become darkened with a patina during the past hundred years. Because it is impossible to create an identical patina the cabinets are varnished in cherry-tree colour.  The shelves are fixed and the back-board fastened with ballhead screws. The corner cabinets are made by carpenter Stefan Mahlberg from the Bergen carpenter’s in Vihti. The same workshop also produces the furniture designed by Harri Koskinen and the prototypes of the furniture designed by Eero Aarnio. The corner cabinet carries a metal plate with a hand-engraved signature of Jean Sibelius.


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