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Ball Chair Audio Design Eero Aarnio, 2008/2011.

This Classic Eero Aarnio Ball Chair has two new features: Armrests and incredible stereo sound. It has integrated T-class amplifier with 3,5mm input and integrated spekers. You are able to use your laptop, mobilephone, iPOD, or any other mp3- player with the Ball Chair Audio.This item is produced according to the customer’s wishes and is it not returnable.

White fiberglass shell with black Tonus 3 fabrics

Watch video: Ball Chair Audio

Height 120 cm, width 105 cm, depth 98 cm

Delivery time 8-10 weeks.



Cognac XO Chair, white fiberglass.

Cognac XO, 2008. Original Cognac V.S.O.P. was designed 1966.  And now, after 40 years, the new Lounge Chair is bigger, more attractive and more ergonomic. And it`s called Cognac XO... White fiberglass and Tonus fabric. Made in Finland.

Delivery time: 8-10 weeks.

Width  75 cm , height 75 cm, depth 75 cm


Aarnio takes his inspiration from the shapes around him and the Soap Chair was inspired by a hand-held bar of soap. A niche in the chair arm holds a remote or cell phone. Available in White and Light Blue. Features an integrated handle for easy transport. Made from molded fiberglass and It is being manufactured in the same factory in Finland that has made all of his other products over the past 40 years.
W. 90 D. 90 D. 50 cm

Delivery time 6-8 weeks


Piccolo Table, 2008. Fiberglass in black or white. Eero Aarnio designed the Piccolo Table especially to go with the Cognac Chair.

Made in Finland.

H. 60 cm and D. 55 cm

Delivery time: 6-7 weeks.


Graphic Chair is a great example of combining the Finnish know how of metalwork with highest quality craftsmanship. The metal parts are made of polished stainless steel with unique details. The leather work pays great attention to the details of wonderful sewing and leather embossing. Graphic is an ergonomic easy chair, but at the same time light to move around. The graphic characteristic makes the chair almost intangible. Stainless steel body and black leather upholstery with red stitching.



The Copacabana Guitar, Design Eero Aarnio, 2006. The Copa Guitar is a unique and a high quality instrument as well as a living part of modern design history. The Copa Guitar is built handmade with the highest standards in materials and workmanship and with best accessories available. Made in Finland.