Timo Sarpaneva



Timo Sarpaneva, designer
31. 10. 1926 – 6. 10. 2006


Professor Timo Sarpaneva’s works can be seen in most Finnish homes, whether it is objects in glass, metal or some other material. He designed objects of art and everyday use for Iittala including most famously such sets in glass as Festivo, Tsaikka and Claritas. His Orkidea was nominated the most beautiful object of art in the world.

Sarpaneva was a designer who specifically focused on industrial art and who continued to refine colours and forms but who still had a strong artistic aim. It is his unique sculpture in glass that demonstrates the richness of his imagination and artistic expression. His career took off in the 1950s when his own and other designers’ work was exhibited in the Milan triennale. Many of Sarpaneva’s designs are still in production as exemplified by his cast iron pot, designed in the 1960s.

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