Kimmo Pyykkö



Kimmo Pyykkö, artist
Born 20th December in Lahti in 1940, lives in Helsinki


Kimmo Pyykkö broke through in the 1960s with his sculpture made of junk metal which displays a cosmopolitan touch combined with the conceptualization of the climaxes in human life. Finishing and the power of expression have continued to characterize his creativity since then.

Pyykkö has been recognized with several remarkable awards including a professorship and the Pro Finlandia medal in 2008. The most important recognition will be Kimmo Pyykkö’s personal art museum to be built in Kangasala. The cultural centre of Kangasala with its adjoining art museum is designed by Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Heikkinen-Komonen Oy. The buildings will form an architecturally significant, timeless and functional complex.

The collection of the art works to be housed in the museum will cover Pyykkö’s work comprehensively. The collection will include sculpture, bas reliefs in different materials from the 1960s until today, his collection of our presidents from Paasikivi to Halonen in sculpture, the archives and other materials. The collection will be supplemented by fresh samples of Pyykkö’s creative work.

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