Jean Sibelius




Jean Sibelius, composer
8. 12 1865 – 20. 9 1957


The works of the national composer of Finland, Jean Sibelius, are performed constantly, not only in Finland but all over the world. After dropping his studies in law already after one year Sibelius devoted himself full-time to music – fortunately for us. Some of Sibelius’ most popular compositions are his violin concerto, seven symphonies, Tapiola, Luonnotar, Valse triste and Finlandia. Most of these and his other works were composed in the 1880s – 1920s.

His self-criticism grew so much during the following highly successful decades that he left his admirers waiting for the 8th symphony and other major works – in vain. Since 1904 the composer and his family lived in Ainola, built according to the design of architect Lars Sonck on the scenic Tuusulanjärvi. Except for some brief stays in Helsinki, the family lived in Ainola and continued to host the many visitors enthralled by Sibelius’ music.

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