Eero Aarnio


Eero Aarnio, designer
Born 21st July 1932 in Helsinki, lives in Kirkkonummi


If you have ever been fortunate enough to sit down in the Ball chair of Professor Eero Aarnio, you are not likely to forget the experience. Where most other chairs are – just chairs – the Ball chair, was first launched in 1966, has become the interpreter of a whole period.

Other iconic works by Aarnio are Kupla, Pastilli, Tomaatti and Poni. They are also designs of furniture that inspire strong feelings of either for or against. Most of the time we are disarmed by the irresistable lack of prejudice and reckless sense of humour they portray. Eero Aarnio is also one of the most productive Finnish designers whose creativity is still very much alive.

In recent years, he has distinguished himself by his furniture design in plastic. His credo is to design objects that are strong and recognizable.

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