Björn Weckström



Björn Weckström, artist
Born 8th February 1935 in Helsinki, lives in Espoo and Pietrasanta, Italy


Björn Weckström may be considered primarily a sculptor by some, or a jewelry designer or perhaps a painter by others. He seems to master whatever it is that he focuses on. He is also one of the most charismatic and cosmopolitan personalities of the Finnish art world. In his jewelry and sculpture the presence of the material used is prominent. They reach out to the universe or mythic depths, ancient eras, modernity and future in ways that are beyond imitation.

The artist, who was awarded with the title of professor in 1986, has radically combined silver and acryl and used stone, bronze and glass. The latest exhibition of his works in glass was held in Helsinki in 2010. The best known of his jewelry is Planetaariset laaksot designed for Lapponia in 1969. This piece of jewelry adorned Princess Leia in the film Star wars in 1977.

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